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Katie is our lead designer and the brains behind the whole KTG Design operation. Katie started off young, moving furniture around at her parents house and volunteering to decorate the family Thanksgiving table by the age of 8, much to the chagrin of her parents. Katie decided to take her knack for design to the next level and received a degree in Interior Architecture from UC Davis. She went straight into a design career after graduation but soon after decided to travel and live abroad, working very hard (debatably on her tan). Since then however Katie has dived headfirst into all things design and small business owning. She is pioneering the modern cabin movement, incorporating muted earth tones and natural elements & textures. Katie works with both architects and contractors to bring her unique vision to life, with projects ranging from large scale residences to commercial businesses. Katie currently resides in her hometown of Truckee with her fiancé and fur baby Olive. 


Samantha Roberti wears many hats at KTG. She is our media and marketing manager and having graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Design Studies she is also one of our resident junior designers (we know what you’re thinking and no Samantha was not in the Beer Pong Club at ASU she was in the Design Club, ok?). Truckee born and raised, and Sierra Valley adopted, Samantha loves exploring the beauty of all things between North Lake Tahoe and Plumas County. Recently Samantha embarked on her most exciting adventure yet, becoming a new mom. Since their new addition, Samantha enjoys spending time with her husband and baby Geo at their family ranch. Next time you’re scrolling through KTG Design Instagram, say hello to Samantha!   

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Sam Fletcher is KTG Design’s resident administration manager as well as a junior designer. After having graduated from Chico State University with a degree in International Relations, she set off to explore and work in various different countries around the world including Australia, South East Asia, New Zealand and Spain. But let’s be honest, the ratio of beach cocktails to working is still up for debate. She eventually came back to settle in Truckee, realizing there is no place like home. Although Sam has no formal training in interior design, she has a natural eye for design and loves to move her furniture around every few weeks to keep her husband and dog on their toes. What, you don’t do that? She and her husband recently moved to Nevada City, CA where in her free time you can find her hiking, studying plant ID, herbalism & natural medicine, and rearranging her furniture, of course.