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Years In The Making

Conception to Execution: the small details that make a big difference.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Design is knowing which ones to keep.”

– Scott Adams

Whether it’s the arts, design, or however you find yourself channeling your creative side, it's the finishing touches, especially the smallest ones, are where we find our muse.

For us, when it comes to interior design, the small details we see at a furniture installs and photoshoots are where we acknowledge the big details highlighting the small details, and vice versa - the big details create a project. The small details create a home.

This past Spring and Summer, the KTG Design crew completed another round of exciting projects. Packing our calendar with back-to-back photoshoots on the week leading up to the 4th of July (organized chaos, if you will), you could say we were truly honing in on those final touches to create the most perfect outcomes - in our photos and in the real day-to-day life for our clients.

We are so proud to finally share our recently completed projects, which were years in the making. It’s easy to look at the grandiose photos of a beautiful kitchen or great room and get carried away, but when you look, and truly examine, each photo you will notice the smallest of details that truly make each project a home.

From providing internal cabinetry inserts to ensure each kitchen is the most functional space for our clients, to the custom creation of the perfect mushroom-toned beam finish, as well as the nailhead detail on your great room sectional, our team has taken every detail into account in order to hand off each home to our clients. So, when you do look at the photos, and the months of work that went into each home, it's incredibly rewarding to see every detail come together beautifully, just as conceptualized.

No detail was overlooked at Kingscote Castle, I mean have you seen the tri-level staircase? From the concept of how the stone wall met the staircase, every detail was examined, thought through and executed. Each headboard was custom designed to fit in the rooms perfectly alongside the custom nightstands. From the custom kitchen hood details to the aesthetically placed coffee table books, each piece makes this home whole.

The kitchen is the heart of this family-filled home; from the plumbing placement, tile selection and application, to the functionality of the space, it was truly designed with the family in mind. All of the details, not limited to the coordination of wood stains for the custom-made furniture pieces, to the perfect placement of rivets on the interior beams has truly led to "Greatness on Granite" living up to its name.

From the custom cabinetry pullouts all the way to nail type specification by the architect, the entire construction team was able to take pleasure in the details executed throughout this home. In the kitchen, you can find a custom dog food pullout (because dogs are family too). From the details on the corners of the micro topped showers to hand selecting natural slabs throughout the house, you can truly appreciate the thought and care that went into this design.

Meet the team that takes the detail to heart and drives the conceptual design all the way to execution. Starting in Finish Design, not only does the team ensure your tile and paint coordinate, but they also make sure many other important details are executed, including outlets being placed conveniently, and grout thickness being just right (to name a few). The Furniture Design team picks up right where the Finish Design team leaves off, from designing the functional layout of furniture, all the way to making sure every throw pillow coordinates appropriately and that the rivets on your couch are in the perfect finish.

And just like in the design, the small team makes the big difference.


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