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2021: A Year In Review

As 2021 quickly came to a close, we are taking a quick walk down memory lane and celebrating several *major* projects we wrapped last year.

Whether it was the stories behind them, the blood, sweat and tears (not too many, thankfully) that went into them, or the people who helped bring these visions to life, the projects may be wrapped, but we'll be celebrating them for years to come.

From a (magazine) Cover Girl, to award-winning designs, a growing team and the best clients a team could ask for, there's a lot to celebrate...and we're just getting started.

Proud is an understatement. A dream kitchen on the shores of Donner Lake on a national magazine cover? Pinch us. We are so proud to be featured as the cover kitchen in the March/April issue of Mountain Living! Click the cover below to check out the full article!

Another "pinch us" moment to round out Q1: two 2021 projects featured in the Best of Tahoe, Tahoe Quarterly March/April issue! Grab a copy locally, or click here and here for both of the stories near and dear to our hearts.

And lastly, a celebration of the projects that now live in photos and on the KTG Instagram. These projects not only wrap up a wild year at KTG, but begin a new chapter for the growing team in 2022.

Here's to passing by a 2022 Miracle March and jumping into breaking ground on 2022 projects we are dreaming about!

Until we can share more, take a peek at a few of our favorites, and designs that will forever make our hearts flutter and the KTG Crew proud.

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16. März 2022

May your successes continue to grow. Many thanks for guiding us through the build and decorating of our home in the mountains. We couldn't be happier with BARN BURNER.

Gefällt mir
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