Holiday Decor That Is Sure To Get You All Warm and Fuzzy Inside

We love Christmas because it's an excuse (like we need one) to cozy up at home. So when it comes to decorating for the holidays, we aren't messing around. We want all of the warm & cozy vibes, holiday movies, spiced cocktails and of course, Christmas decor. We have compiled a list of our favorite holiday decor that is sure to get you all warm and cozy inside.

We love the idea of decorating with natural elements like boughs, dried fruit garlands and vintage bells. Check out House of Jade's DIY for dried orange garland and these super cute and affordable vintage inspired bells.

Christmas is extra magical with little ones to celebrate with. I mean, we're kids at heart, but there is just something so special about seeing Christmas through children's eyes. The wonder and innocence of Santa, picking out and decorating a tree, baking cookies and sharing in the importance of the giving spirit. It's no wonder that we want to make every Christmas extra special for the little ones in our lives. This letters to Santa box is JUST the thing to invoke excitement in just about any kid (us included). We can see that box getting filled to the tippy top.

We are admittedly a sucker for a doorway adorned with fresh garland. How much garland is too much garland? We're not sure the limit exists. Ok maybe, but that is up to you to decide. Danielle Moss explains how to hang garland like a pro.

Did someone say libations? We are sticking to our guns that we are kids at heart, but that surely doesn't mean we don't enjoy a holiday cocktail from time to time! This pine infused old fashion is right up our alley.

We love the tradition of brining a Christmas tree indoors. But that plastic red and green stand that we can't seem to escape, not so much. So the idea of using a basket or collar to hide the stand really speaks to us. This black and white one is oh so cute and this galvanized one is on sale!

We are wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at KTG Design! We hope your Christmas is as cozy as this A-frame looks!


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